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What's the deal with the hat?

My blog has been lacking in photos recently, so I found this one in a draft post from months ago. I had planned to write about my graduation from university, which happened in August last year, but I never got around to it.

I graduated from a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Journalism. Before the 5pm ceremony, I enjoyed a party with family and friends. Thank you to everyone who came! The party I had at home was more special to me than the impersonal ceremony at the university. I knew only a couple of people at the ceremony.

Next year I plan to begin studying again, this time to gain a Diploma of Education (Primary School). I will do this through a Christian correspondance course from the Wesley Institute in Sydney. The practical component of the course will be done in local schools in Tasmania. The Dip Ed will enable me to earn more and have other advantages. I am not looking forward to burying myself in the books again! I am sure I will enjoy a lot of what I learn about, but study has a tendancy to dominate my thoughts even when I am away from it! There is always more work I could do on an assignment!

If I do graduate from the Diploma of Education as I hope to, perhaps I will go to the ceremony in Sydney and wear one of those hats again. Does anyone know the origin of this ridiculous looking hat?

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