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Dinner with Christina and Margaret

On the same weekend I visited Clarendon, I was also blessed to have dinner with my friends Margaret and Christina Sonnemann. I do not see Margaret and Christina often, but whenever I do it is fantastic. We talk rapidly about everything from travel to home schooling, the Puritans to birth control, our family and friends to the books we have recently read, history to our jobs.

Christina and Margaret with our meal

I talk to Margaret and Christina about things I don't talk to most people about. This is because we have large areas of agreement with each other. We have also read about similar ideas so we don't "miss each other" in what we are saying. Christina and I were both home shcooled, so we know the inside talk that comes with that territory! When we don't agree, it is always in a way that is helpful rather than frustrating and pointless! I usually go away refreshed and challenged. This time I was challenged to trust in God more, and not to worry about future scenarios.

Our food was also fun. It was the first time for all of us to try "Tapas". Apparantly it has been the rage in other parts of our country and the world for years, but we are behind the times! The idea is that you are served lots of little dishes to try. I tried everything except the lamb (my history of being a vegetarian makes anything on a bone a little hard to take). It was all delicious. We also had a yummy dessert each. White chocolate and berry cake for me, which was melt in the mouth fantastic :).

Thanks for a great evening, Christina and Margaret! I look forward to the next time we spend together.

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