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iSonto #62

Mercy opening her presents on her birthday morning last Friday.

Mercy's pancake birthday stack.

Fun building with Daddy.

Mercy's birthday party. Esther gave her a music box and Nate is dancing in the background.

Mercy's birthday cake.

The next day we enjoyed decorating our little Christmas tree.

More happy happenings:

Mercy and bill laughing and chasing each other
Making sock puppets
Mercy and Nate sitting side by side at swimming class, smiling
Mercy singing "Make me Wise"
Nate making a collage for Mercy's birthday
Nate wanting to use stick on letters and numbers
Cloths to clean up spilled milk :)
Music to fill our home
Mercy saying "thank you Mum" for her birthday presents


iSonto #61

We went on a walk to a waterfall. This little person insisted on having her photo taken with her flowers and her shoes!

Family pic!

I continue to love to do the ABC crafts from the book Crafty Ideas A-Z. Mercy loves to colour and cut out, and of course her van is pink! There are only four more weeks until the end of term and the end of our Preschool curriculum.

More thankful moments:
Sweet scent of masses if violas floating in water, picked by eager small boy
Fishing line strung across living room, high, child paintings hung to dry, colour full of enthusiasm and excitement and memories of child-days
Sweet long stem roses from our bush
Dave taking care of children for evening while I sew
Dave explaining natural disasters to Nate
Taking Nate alone to cricket skills session
Mum taking younger children to library
Flowering trees
Block ships built to sail over living room rug
Quiet, still evening
Miracle of expanding dough
Smell of fresh made bread dough
Children eagerly picking and eating tiny, shiny red radishes
Family outing waterfall walk on warm day
Nate loving to paddle in a strem
Able to visit Iraqi family with my three children, welcoming strangers
Nate: "Mum, when you die I want to always remember you and love you."
Nate, of a torn skirt: "Mum, I'm sorry you won't be wearing that skirt anymore because you looked so beautiful and so fair in it"


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