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iSonto #60

Bill is excited about participating in play. He loves Duplo. He is also imitating the instruction "go away" which he sadly hears from older siblings who are afraid he will break their creations!

Bill is 20 months old.

I put up this beautiful rainbow painting, which my sister gave me, over Bill's cot. A beautiful reminder of God's promises.

Elnathan is learning to write his name better. My blackboard wall is not working very well, with it being very hard to remove chalk and paint coming off, so I'm going to need to repaint it and hope it works better.

Mercy is loving to collect eggs. It is one of the first things she thinks of each morning. Often we have two a day. Look at that glowing face!

We had our first science experiment at the kitchen table. Dave is demonstrating the way acidic water erodes rock. Nate is interested in how caves and underground rivers form.

Here are a few answers to prayer I jotted down from this month:

Good physio appointment 8/10
Peace in early morning as reminder came: love never fails
Made it to visit tony twice
Able to purchase new toner that works well and copy without trouble
Dave got some work done while looking after bill with me at the pool
Positive responses to mums group idea
Self control at church and with children 12/10
Dave coped well with redundancy news
Learning room improvements
Time in shed
No negative emotions toward _____!
Moved books
Time to sit with Dave 
Children playing well week of 15th 
No extra pain after physio class
Completed all errands put off due to Dave's sickness 
Mums group advert ready
Nate toileting reliably
Friends accepted dinner invites
Saw friends at park
Social times/opportunities answers!
Sermon on glory of god helps my doubts


South Africa 2014

We have been back two weeks now from our amazing, blessed trip to South Africa! We were in South Africa for five weeks but away from home five and a half weeks due to travel time.

This is what our luggage looked like when all the planning and packing tables were competed! Two large suit cases and one small as check in luggage, two kiddie carry on suit cases, three car seats,
a nappy bag, a lap top bag and that is about it!

Mercy and Nate each pulled a suit case containing all of their clothing, activities, and a single toy.

We stayed first at Ballito where Dave played as a child in these same rock pools! Delightful for little ones.

We were delighted to be reunited with Gramps and Gran and had great times with them. They brought a seventh wedding anniversary cake up to Ballito to celebrate with us and also provided us with lots of other meals and baked goodies while we were in South Africa.

Next stop was Howick where we stayed beside a lovely man made dam where we enjoyed a bit of water sport!

We love the beaded wares on sale. We took lots of day trips with Gramps and Gran Gran.

 Next we went to Johannesburg then to Kruger park. We stayed in lots of different huts and saw many animals, including this rhino Mum and babe.

Another highlight of our trip was seeing old friends. This pic was taken at lunch in Joburg with friends and we also had many lovely social times in Kwa-Zulu Natal.

Another highlight was visiting ministries that care for orphans and growing in love for them. There is no place like one's own bed though! Nothing like getting home and seeing all our familiar things and places. We arrived home to catch the beauty of spring blossoms and bulbs.


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