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South African history and languages

"Footprints on Our Land"  is an exciting program for the infant and early primary years, to teach South African history using a literature based approach! There are fun activities, Bible passages, and social issues to consider. I am looking forward to ordering this when Natey is four or above. Perhaps I could do it after Sonlight P 3/4 or 4/5. What a great resource for teaching him about his heritage!

Flash and Learn have materials in both Afrikaans and Zulu that may be useful for teaching these languages to our children.

Ant Books provide readers and workbooks in Zulu, designed for those who are learning the language. How exciting! These look perfect for our homeschool. I hope to visit Ant Books when we are next near Pietermaritzbug so I can view the products before purchasing.

Home School Info South Africa is a wonderful place to find even more tools for an education that incorporates South African history and languages. Praise God for all these resources!

Zulu podcasts could really help us catch onto the way things are meant to be said.

The Learn Zulu Online Shop contains heaps of fantastic opportunities. This is my best find yet as you can buy interactive courses! 


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