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A blessed heritage

I was blessed as I wrote my post on the beauty of ancestors, realising anew the heritage of love and faith that God has given me. Now I am blessed to be able to read the thoughts of others on this important topic. If you would also like to read more, please visit Dana at Principled Discovery. She has compiled a post about the Carnival of Beauty submissions, titled The Beauty of Ancestors.

Most people today have more respect for and interest in what celebrities are doing than in what their ancestors did. God's ways are different. Over and over again in the Old Testament, God tells his people to remember what he did for their ancestors. It is important to care about the heritage God has given us, to learn from the wisdom of those who have gone before us, and to aim to pass on a godly heritage to our descendants.

Those who have no concern for their ancestors will, by simple application of the same rule, have none for their descendants.
Richard Weaver.

Only the sheerest relativism insists that passing time renders unattainable one ideal while forcing upon us another.
Richard Weaver.

The following quotes are related to the thoughts I shared about motherhood in my post about my ancestors. Like any other worthwhile goal, motherhood costs.

“The best things in life invariably cost us something. We must sacrifice to attain them, to achieve them, to keep them, even to enjoy them.”
James Q. Wilson

“The world is indeed full of seemingly harmless little distractions; humorous and silly things; banal and trivial things; things that take the path of least resistance; things that come cheaply and easily. “Beware all such things”
Edward Lear

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