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Totally behind!

This week I have had very little Internet access. Most of my efforts to get online have been thwarted. Since I believe in providence, I trust this is all in the broader plan :). I have only read about two blog posts all week! Most of my limited internet time has been taken up with reading comments on my Strong women post. One respondant has been posting many long comments related to her beliefs about the roles of men and women, which are contrary to mine. I have had no time to give these a proper response. Later on I may be able to do some posts on the topics she has raised. However, I do not want to engage in long term debate. I have now put on comment moderation, as I do not like to have comments on my blog that teach falsely without having the time to reply. If any of you have time to reply to the comments that are already on this post, I would appreciate your input. I hope to have more time for blogging at some stage, but at the moment spending time with people in the offline world (such as Dave) is more important to me.

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