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Thursdays of Thankfulness

Recently Lydia introduced a new series to her blog. She has invited readers to contribute posts on what they are thankful for each Thursday. I think this is a great idea, and I am happy to have a snippet of time to participate this week. The Bible is full of instructions to give God the praise due to him, and provides us with many examples of people who were thankful. I have recently completed reading the Psalms again, which are full of examples of things to praise God for!

Here are two of my praise points:

1) I keep feeling grateful for Dave. I won't go on about it too much, lest this post become something approaching an online love letter (which I am sure Dave would not appreciate). However, I will write a brief list of some of the things I am thankful for about Dave: kindness, leadership, passion for God and the Bible, fun, respect, ease of conversation, intelligence, friendliness, diligence. I am sure I have missed out countless things - perhaps I'll share them next Thursday!

2) My job. I am very grateful that I have enjoyed this year at work, and that I have nearly completed it! There are now only four weeks to go. My year at work has been a big blessing for me, as I have had many struggles with work since my car accident seven and a half years ago. The children, the staff, and the skills I have learnt in teaching have all been a huge blessing.

My internet time has run out, so that will be it for me today on thankfulness! However, I hope to have more to share next week. Perhaps some of you will join in too, and I can enjoy reading your entries.

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