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5 weeks

Dave and I have now been officially unsingle for five weeks, so I thought it was time to post some more pictures of us!

The recent spate of anti-patriarchy comments on my blog prompted some rather tasteless jokes on my part. I do take the matter of Biblical roles and the task of defending scripture seriously, but sometimes I have to laugh or I'll cry! This photo was part of one of those jokes. This is supposed to be a dominating patriarchal pose, since Dave is standing, I am seated, and the child is the lowest of all :). However, a friend told me that the effect was not successful as we all look too happy! To be effective, Dave would need to look severe, I would need to look sad, and Esther should look cowed. No smiles please.

Esther spent her first ever night away from home the night before this picture was taken. She slept in my room, and gave me plenty of hugs in the early hours of the morning . . . but that is another story! I promised to take full responsibility for her overnight, and I am pleased to be able to say that I fulfilled my responsibilities!

The weekend before this, Dave came to visit me in Launceson. He brought me these beautiful roses . . .

I know Dave really does like me, because he not only drove 3 hours to see me, he also slept on a dreadful mattress that had to be placed in the dining room of the house where I board! Here we are . . .

We had a lovely weekend sight seeing, eating out, seeing my friends, talking, walking, reading praying, going to church . . . and generally enjoying each other's company. Dave is reading "The Hobbit" to me, which we both enjoy. We have also watched "Pride and Prejudice" (BBC version) together, during my school holidays. It will be Dave's turn to choose a movie next :)! He grew to like Pride and Prejudice, thankfully, as otherwise all those hours would have been torturous for him!

Two weeks ago when I was in Hobart, Dave helped me babysit my niece Esther. Esther likes Dave, although I don't think she quite knows how to give appropriate compliments yet. She told her mother she thought he was a "pretty boy". Here Dave is playing a game with her where she was rolled in a rug and then carried around.

On the same day, I tried to teach Esther to take pictures of us. This is one of the results . . .

It is not bad for a first effort!

I think that it is healthy that Dave and I spend a lot of time around other people, as well as time alone, and that we spend time in family contexts. This gives us a chance to get a more realistic picture of each other. Unfortunately Dave's family is far away in South Africa, so I have not yet met them. It is great that Dave enjoys spending time with my family.

I am grateful to God for five happy weeks, packed with lots of great memories.

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