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Feminine dress according to Susan

A couple of weeks ago I enjoyed Susan's post on dress. "No Excellencies for the Daughters of Abraham?" explores the way dress should be both modest and attractive.

Here is are some of Susan's comments:

. . . when female apparel is analyzed and wittled down to a list of "do's and don't's," then we've lost the real issue. It shouldn't be a matter of measuring our hemlines or making hard-and-fast rules such as "skirts are the only legitimate apparel for women." The real issue is the heart. How does this manifest itself? In different ways for different women. How was that for ambiguous :)?

. . . We Christian women are presented with a false dichotomy: attractive, seductive clothing or frumpy, modest clothing. It seems we have to choose between beauty or conviction.

Or do we?

Read the whole of Susan's Susan's post to find out her answer!

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