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Twins due to arrive any day

As my regular blog readers will know, my sister is having twins. Her babies are now due to arrive any day! Twins are induced at 38 weeks if they have not come before that, as it is not healthy for mother or babies if the pregnancy extends beyond that point. My sister is now 37 weeks. I have several prayer requests for the birth, in case any of you can spare Janelle a place on your prayer list! My sister is a midwife. She strongly prefers a natural birth, such as she had with her first child Esther. This is reflected in the prayer points.

* Please pray that Janelle will go into labour before she needs to be induced.

* Please pray that there will be no complications in the birth that would necessitate a caesarean.

* The first twin has its head down, but the second is breech. Please pray that the second turns well after the first comes out (it should have plenty of room!) so that Janelle does not have to have lots of pain killers while they turn it ( or a caesarean if they can't).

* Please pray that the many staff who will be attending this twin birth will be a blessing. It is not ideal to have so many (eight at last count) but my sister is going to a public hospital and does not have much choice in the matter.

I would have loved to post pictures of my sister, but unfortunately the compter where they are stored is refusing to allow me to connect to the internet! In two weeks, I should definitely be able to post pictures of two much loved babies!

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