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The Fulfilled Single

Last night I visited friends for dinner. Here they are: Yvonne, Nick, Owen, and Phil. Nick and Phil wowed us with their culinary delights. Phil was especially impressive, with his complex and multiple-spice-filled dish! After dinner they wowed us with their musical ability on a piano that is presently located in the garage.

In the course of the evening I enjoyed chatting with The Fulfilled Single . . .

Nick is in his mid-twenties. It took him a while to acknowledge this disturbing fact, but he is now fulfilled and content with his state in life. He is now readily acknowledging that he is headed toward his late twenties. As I've mentioned, Nick is The Fulfilled Single. However, it is possible that he could be persuaded to change his station in life to that of The Fulfilled Husband if the right young lady appeared. Here is what Nick feels he has to offer, in six points:

1. Attractive to nest feather-ers, as he holds a good job as a pharmacist
2. Cooks great curries
3. Will play classical music on the piano to serenade you to sleep every night. (I can testify that Nick's musical skills are amazing, although with the present location of the piano in the garage, sleeping might not be comfortable).
4. Owns a very nice red car
5. Has travelled the world, and can therefore offer worldly wisdom
6. Enjoys golf, and needs a caddie.

Apologies to anyone who looked at the title of this post and thought I had tips to offer on fulfilled singleness . . . perhaps another time. In the mean time, if you would also like to be featured in my singles columns, please email me at sherrin dot ward at gmail dot com. You won't regret it.

This post is a joint creation of Yvonne, Own, Phil, Nick, and Sherrin, with most of the intellectual input being provided by persons other than the usual writer of this blog.

Edit 15/7/06: I am a bit worried that some people might be concerned about the flippancy (and perhaps tastless humour) of this post on what is an important topic. This really is just my idea of a joke, and the way I joke around with my friends. I do have serious thoughts on the matter of courtship/dating/marriage etc. as well, which I might post about some time!

Leigh  – (June 12, 2007 at 4:07 AM)  

About your edit...I thought this post was hilarious!


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