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Our winter garden

I enjoyed Hannah Griotti's photos of their summer garden so much that I decided to post some pictures of our winter garden.

As you can see, our winter garden looks quite different from our summer one! We only plant in certain parts of it due to lack of sun in some beds.

Elnathan inspects the garlic shoots. We loved our garlic crop last year, and want much more this year! We have found that organic garlic cloves sprout much better. I planted lots more last week.

 Sprouting broccoli is delicious!

Ruby chard can be used in lots of dishes. Ours is looking a lot sparser since this photo was taken only about five days ago!

Elnathan received his own little trowel and fork for his birthday, which help to keep him distracted from pulling out plants and other destructive endeavours! As well as the crops pictured we have celery, parsley, coriander, mini cauliflower, turnips, and some sad looking carrots! We also continue to enjoy perennial herbs, and loved our first crop of lemons in April. We used lots of our lemons to make Elnathan a lemon, orange and coconut cake for his birthday.

We got a lot of our crops in late this year. This is only our second cold weather garden, and it would have been better to start our crops in early February. The trouble is that our garden was so full of summer crops we had no room! Next year we hope to start them in pots earlier, to be put in as the summer crops come out of the ground. We also need to be more ruthless in removing plants that are decreasing production.

Homemanager  – (September 1, 2011 at 4:19 AM)  

Where do you get your seeds? You have a wonderfully productive garden, both Summer and Winter! Mine looks very pitiful compared. This year we purposefully kept to just tomatoes and one lonely zucchini plant and our perennial herbs. We actually had a very nice yield of strawberries and raspberries. Thanks for sharing!

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