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Giveaway: SpellQuizzer spelling software

I have been blessed with a complimentary copy of the SpellQuizzer spelling program to review, and I also have one license to give away. SpellQuizzer is designed to make reviewing spelling words easy. The SpellQuizzer website contains a page specifically for homeschoolers, detailing its potential benefits to them. No spelling program can substitute for one-on-one explanations of the structures of words and the reasons for mistakes, but it is useful as a tool for review. Children enjoy being able to practice on their own and yet receive feedback, as this program allows them to do. They can even create their own spelling lists as the program alerts them to errors in lists. This program would be great for busy parents. I would like to use it in five or so years time with our children, or if I teach in a classroom again. I have found that SpellQuizzer is easy to use. Here are a few of its helpful features.

* SpellQuizzer allows you to create spelling lists that are customised to your needs, so it is ideal for use with any curriculum. It could also be used for words a child (or adult) particularly struggles with.
* The menu is easy to navigate, and is child-friendly.
* The website contains video demonstrations of how to use the spelling software. This is great for technologically challenged people like me!
* You can import and export spelling lists to share with others, so if more than one family or class is using the same lists you can save time.
* Both US and UK spellings are recognised, so the program is suitable for Australian users.

To operate SpellQuizzer you will need to have a Windows operating system and a microphone in or attached to your computer. Most computers have microphones, but they can also be purchased inexpensively. If you would like to receive a free SpellQuizzer license please leave a comment by June 29. The giveaway will be drawn on June 30th.

Jo McDougall –   – (June 9, 2010 at 9:52 AM)  

Sounds good - I'm interested.....

Anonymous –   – (June 13, 2010 at 6:30 PM)  

Hi Sherrin, I just stumbled across your blog - its looking great! I know Django would love a spelling quiz computer based activity. Tineke Richardson

Katie Webb –   – (June 18, 2010 at 9:16 PM)  

Hi Sherrin, I would be really interested in getting a copy of the spelling program currently studing nursing at uni all the help I can get the better. Also have a 5 year old that would really benefit from the program. P.s. Great Blog

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