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During my school holidays in April, I took my chance to be hospitable! It is a struggle to invite people over when I'm working, so I did not want to miss my chance. At times I wondered if I was crazy for trying, since I was having a hard enough time recovering from the previous term, but of course afterwards I was very glad I chose to have people over!

I uploaded these pictures over a month ago when I was back home. Here are some friends from church:

I invited one group of people in the first week of my holidays, and another in my second. It was great to have more people than usual at each dinner. Even though there were more people, it did not seem like more work. I probably would have cooked just as much for less people. It would have been a lot more work to invite all of them over seperately. If you have a larger group you also have to do less "entertaining" - they entertain each other!

I was especially blessed to hear from one guest that it was good to be able to relax and feel comfortable. She had not had this experience during some other dinners at people's houses. It is wonderful when guests feel comfortable in your home!

Here is another hospitality picture:

These are my friends who got married back in December. They seem to be enjoying married life! When I had them over for dinner up here in Launceston, it was an example of hospitality on the run! I invited them at short notice, and fed them some things heated up from the freezer as well as some noodles left over from lunch! I believe it is important to be open to inviting people over at any time, even if you can't feed them a perfect spread. Welcoming people has to become more important than pride or trying to show off. My friends seemed to enjoy the meal, especially since they love passionfruit and we had plenty of them from the garden for desert.

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