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A Tribute to Mum

I did not go home for Mother's Day, but I did spend much of that weekend writing a tribute to my Mum! My Mother, My Friend is a condensed version of the major work God has done in my life through Mum. I sent it in to the mother's day contest Crystal Paine held at Biblical Womanhood. The winner was randomly chosen, and I'm sorry to say that I did not win an ERGO Baby Carrier. I know a number of people who could use one. Two of them are in my own family! My sister and sister-in-law are both expecting. I am getting very excited about the little one due next month. Esther's baby brother or sister is due later in the year, on her birthday!

I did not write this piece in an effort to win a baby carrier, however! I wrote it because I was inspired to praise Mum and praise God for what he has done through her. I worked on it for many hours the old, slow way. Since I don't have my own computer up here, I hand wrote it and then brought it into the Online Access Centre to type up and send in.

I am staying up here in the North more, to get more rest. I have not been home at all this month. I feel like staying put. Previous to this month I had not stayed in one place for more than 2 and a half weeks all year!

I only have Internet access at school and at Online Access Centres. This creates some interesting incidents. I was sitting here at the Centre the other day, when a sixty-ish looking man on the next computer said: "I must say, you have lovely coloured hair." I muttered something like "Oh, right" to my computer screen and didn't look at him! I quite like my hair colour, but I'm not interested in discussing it with strange men.

Anyway, back to Mum! She came to visit me last weeknd for a night, and we had a wonderful time of fellowship together! We went out for lunch at a restaurant overlooking beautiful autumn coulours. Praise God for a Mum who loves to spend time with me, and will even travel hours to do so!

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