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More prayers at school

This week I had parent-teacher interviews. They all went well, praise God. It was also great to pray with some of the parents at the end of our time together, asking for wisdom, praying God will bless their parenting, and praying for the child.

I also continue to enjoy praying with the children. Since several people mentioned enjoying the children's prayers I posted here, I have decided to post a few more.

"We are your princesses and you are the King. We are sheep and you are the Shepherd."

"Thank you that you are the Shepherd, we are the sheep. Sometimes we do bad things and sometimes we do good things."

"In Jesus' name we have power. We're your princesses and we're you're sheep. You are the Shepherd and you are the King, we want to do everything you want us to do."

"Lord, you have all the glory, we have none. You help us."

Many of these prayers seem to be inspired by Psalm 23, which the children have learnt and recited in assembly. Some of the children's prayers are disturbing as well as sweet. For example:

"Thank you Lord that you've got lots of magic. Satan tries to steal things off you, but you don't let him have it all. Lord you've got power, and we've got power. Satan can only see one person at once, but Lord we know you can see all of us from heaven."

I don't know where the magic bit came from! The same child recently prayed: "Thankyou Lord that we can go to heaven and become ghosts. Thank you that you are the only ghost that lives forever."

I broke my usual practice of not correcting what they say during prayers. As soon as we'd finished praying, I pointed out that we do not become ghosts when we die!

These recurring themes about heaven, hell, Satan, etc. can cause problems. This afternoon a mother came into my class room very disturbed, saying that her daughter had told her that Miss Ward said that if they were scared of Satan they should say "Jesus, Jesus, Jesus" and a spirit-angel would appear to protect them. The child went on to say that Miss Ward said so and "Miss Ward is right." The mother saw this as some kind of incantation. I assured her that I had only told the children that they could pray to God and he would always protect them from Satan. God is more powerful than Satan and they do not need to be afraid. The dear mother did not seem quite convinced of my innocence, but we did have a good prayer together before she left. I suspect that some of her little girl's confusion may have come from other children, and perhaps even their prayers! I know I need help to explain things accurately to the children, however, so I told this Mum that I am happy to receive any advice she can give!!

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