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Still having fun!

I am still enjoying South Africa. So much so that I won't be spending much time here. I'd rather be out in the African sun.

I have now met many more of Dave's friends, and like them all so far.

Today Dave and I visited a Zulu village. We have also been to a lovely beach (last night). The place where we are staying has beautiful birds and a fish.

Today I bought some lovely African art work on material, as well as some stone animal carvings (including an elephant).

For all those desiring pictures, I just want to let you know I have taken over 100 so far!

Tomorrow we are going to a National Park where we hope to see some very exciting animals!

I must go, as Dave is sitting here looking very resigned about my compulsive blogging habits! I just had to drop over to Susan's blog after she left a hint about exciting developments in her life. Check out "An Old Fashioned Girl" in my sidebar if you want to know more!

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