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South African wildlife

I arrived home yesterday from South Africa. I thought you'd enjoy these pictures Dave took (I have not yet uploaded my pictures to my computer).

We enjoyed the signs about wild animals that are dotted in various places. This sign was off a road we drove along to go to a beach. I am attempting the unconcerned look.

At the beach, the danger was even more frighteningly displayed . . .

The next day, we went for a cruise on a lake where we saw crocidiles, and came close to hippos.

After seeing their teeth, I was somewhat more frightened the next time I saw a sign of danger, this time at a State Park, Hluhluwe-Imfolozi.

This park is filled with bush land and lovely mountain views. Visitors drive about, scanning the bush in the hope of sighting various animals. I think this could become addictive if I lived in Africa, as it is exciting to think about what we might see down this road . . . or this one . . . or this one! We left later than we intended, because we kept hoping to see elephants. Providence did not bring any across our paths, however!

It was great to have Dave with me in many ways, and one of those was the fact that he could explain to me the animals we saw. Wild dog, for example, don't look particularly exciting to me but Dave let me know they were very rare. There were only 32 in the entire park, and we had three running along beside our car for quite a distance!

One of my favourite animals is the zebra, so it was a great bessing that we saw several groups of them during our day in the park.

I love giraffes too, and we were very close to this one.

We saw this rhinno in the distance, and Dave zoomed in with his camera.

These little animals were beautiful, and we saw many of them. I have trouble remembering the names of the various deer-like creatures, but I think this is an Impala.

Our day at the park, driving about with the windows down, the smell of African bush around us, and the prospect of facinating animals around every corner, was our most relaxing day during our trip. Six months ago I could not have imagined doing this, and it is a great blessing that God brought it about.

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