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South Africa, here I come!

This time in three weeks I will be in South Africa. I am excited about being able to go and visit Dave's country, and his family and friends. We will be away for two weeks, leaving Australia on the 4th of January. I don't know how much blogging I'll be getting done during our time away, if any.

Africa is one of those places I have dreamed about visiting in the most-far-fetched dreams category! As a single woman, it would be very unwise for me to visit Africa on my own due to the many dangers there. I also never imagined, before I met Dave, that I'd do something like this with my "boyfriend". To my mind it would have bordered on inappropriate.

So it is with some surprise, and lots of excitement, that I find myself booked on a plane to Africa on the 4th. As I have mentioned in my post Officially unsingle, Dave and I see the object of our relationship as considering whether or not we will get married. It is now over ten weeks since we started out on this journey, and that is still the aim!

In considering marriage, we both feel that it is important for me to be able to see Dave's country and meet his family and friends. Dave does not plan to move back to South Africa, as the country has many problems related to unwise governance and crime. He also loves Australia, and Tasmania particularly. However, it is still his country and who knows what will happen in future! He may well end up back there. I need to consider whether it is a place I could live if that did come about.

We feel very blessed to be able to make this trip at this early stage of our relationship. We will be staying with Dave's friends for most of our time there. I am looking forward to experiencing Africa, and meeting those who supported and loved Dave long before I ever met him. It will be good for Dave to be able to introduce me to the people who are important in his life, as so far in our relationship it has almost entirely been a matter of me introducing Dave to my family and friends.

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