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The desires of our hearts

This Thursday I'd like to express thankfulness that we serve a God who delights in giving us the desires of our hearts (Psalm 37). Yesterday my friend Felicity came to visit, bearing a gift! When I opened it I was amazed at her generosity . . . and amazed that I had received just what I wanted. I have been thinking that it would be lovely to have a nativity scene, and had expressed this to several friends while Felicity was away for a few weeks in New Zealand. Little did I know that Felicity had bought me this lovely nativity scene while she was there!

I kept looking at it thinking "I can't believe she got me that! Wow!". I realise this heart's desire of mine was, in the larger picture, a small one! However, I also know that God is sovereign over even these small details of my life. This glimpse of his kindness, given to me through the kindness of a good friend, reminded me that he does give us the desires of our hearts . . . sometimes in the little things as well as the big ones!

I know that God does not always give us what we want, and I have written a lot about this in my posts about suffering. However, I also need to remember that he often does give us what we desire and even more than we asked for. No matter what is happening, we can take comfort in his sovereign care. All things, even the small ones, are under his control. Therefore it is to him we can cry out for assistance in our trials, small and large, because he can offer real help. It is also our Good Shepherd who deserves thanks when we receive the small desires of our hearts.

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