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Mercy was crawling fast and exploring the house, much to her brother's delight as he loves it when she crawls to his room or down the hall looking for him. "Please Mercy come" is a common call around here!

Elnathan has been learning how to respond when his sister comes crawling toward the books and toys he is playing with.

From garden to tummies . . .

Lots of silverbeet for a chicken casserole in the stove top to oven roasting pan Dave gave me for my birthday.

A book we enjoyed together was Little House in the Big Woods which Dave and I have nearly finished.

Encouragement, ideas and inspiration came from J. Hudson Taylor: A Man in Christ by Roger Steer. I am finding my Book List to be one of the best things I have done this year. Reading is the perfect hobby for busy Mummies because you only have to get out the book! I have traveled the world and explored ideas along the way, and have been richly blessed.

We are thankful for

~ the great opportunity to pray outside a nearby abortion clinic and the positive responses

~ a wonderful 30th birthday for me which included enthusiastic singing, a hand crafted coat hook by Dave, a pretty apron from Mum, heaps of messages from friends, a shopping trip with Dave and new dresses, a visit to the museum's "reading room" exhibit, babysitting from a generous neighbour, and dinner out at the "revolving restaurant" with views of Hobart. Sorry, no pictures!

~ sweet turnip seedlings popping up in the garden

~ finally sending off our family newsletter. It is so hard to summarise a year, but we trust it gives a glimpse of what God has done for us. Let us know if you'd like one!

 Isonto is a Zulu word for both week and Sunday, so Dave suggested it as the title of this little update I plan (God willing) to put out each Sunday.

Faith  – (October 10, 2011 at 1:16 PM)  

Happy (belated) Birthday..your special day sounds like it was lovely and your children!! wow...he is such a big boy now and how exciting that the baby gal is crawling all over! enjoy!!

Mary Jane  – (October 10, 2011 at 10:51 PM)  

Happy Birthday Sherrin. I hope you had a wonderful day with your family.

I recently discovered your blog, and have been addicted ever since, reading a couple of archived posts each day. They are a true inspiration - thank you very much for the time and effort you put into each post.

A little bit about me - I live in Beaver County, Pennsylvania, where I am a teacher at the local elementary school. I am married to a very loving husband (no kids yet), and am very involved in my local community and church.

Although you don't know me, I feel like I have known you and your family for ages. I know this might seem a little forward, but could get a copy of your family newsletter?

I look forward to your next blog post.

Mary Jane

Sherrin  – (October 13, 2011 at 2:55 PM)  

Thank you Faith!

Mary Jane, thanks so much for introducing yourself. I would love to get to know you better. The rare times when I "meet" people like yourself who have been enjoying my blog are real highlights!

I am happy to send you our newsletter. Just email me at (replace AT with @) and I will send it to you.

If you have any problems, let me know via a blog comment.

love Sherrin

Ellen –   – (October 14, 2011 at 9:08 PM)  

Hi Sherrin,
Just thought I'd check out the drew patch for myself! Have been meaning to for a while. Lovely to see all these delightful pictures of your home life. See you tomorrow at the big garden birthday bash! Love Ell

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