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Knitting projects put to good use

When I was a teen I did a lot of knitting, especially toys. I put away the toys for future use. Many children have played with them while visiting our home. Now it is a pleasure to see my own children enjoying things I made over ten years ago. Maybe I did do something useful with my teen years!

I made this jumper in my early twenties, and loved putting on our daughter for the first time this year. I originally gave it to one of my nieces but it made its way back to me and now I get to put it on our very own baby! I could not have imagined this when I was making it. I have not knitted for years, partly because it increases back pain, but I'm feeling tempted to get those needles out again.

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Faith  – (March 5, 2011 at 12:58 AM)  

How sweet these photos are!! and how special that your children can enjoy the fruits of your hands!! blessings to you....

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