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100 Ways to Know God Loves Me!

I have been looking for resources to help us to teach Elnathan the Bible. I have wanted to have readings and songs that fit together. Ideally I would put ideas and resources together in the evenings, but Mercy is often unsettled and so that is not possible right now. I have found the book 100 Ways to Know God Loves Me! a helpful resource to use. There are 100 double page spreads with pictures, a short reading, a Bible verse (NIV version) and a reference to the song for that lesson. The topics covered include God's love as shown in answering our prayers, giving us peace, disciplining us, and healing us. I was happy to see that "harder" topics like discipline were included as well as "nice" things like peace and joy. When we read this each morning I often find that it reminds me of God's truth as well. Elnathan enjoys recounting what we have learnt on prior days. The songs vary from hymns to modern tunes with lots of beat to them! I would have liked the book to include the words for each song, as sometimes they are hard to sing along with. However, we have still enjoyed the CD and learnt some of the songs. It has been handy and fun to learn from the songs, scriptures, pictures and stories each morning. In Australia, 100 Ways to Know God Loves Me! is available at Koorong.

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