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Being a Living Sacrifice as a Mother

This guest post is from my mother Lorraine Ward. Mum wrote it recently to share with a mother's group, and I thought it would also be a blessing to those who read this blog. It certainly comes as a timely reminder to me as I have been struggling with a complaining spirit at times. 

Lorraine at Christmas with her granddaughter Mercy Joy Lorraine.

Lately I have been rereading Helen Roseveare’s book Living Sacrifice. I have read this book several times! Since my children were little I have made it a life habit to read not only the Word of God, but also biographies and autobiographies of great Christians who sacrificed everything in their lives to share the gospel all over the world. We can learn so much about how to live the victorious Christian life from the struggles, suffering and triumphs of humble men and women of God.

Helen Roseveare worked as a medical missionary in the Congo for 20 years, a time when there was much bloodshed and suffering in that country. Her story is inspiring because she talks so openly about how God dealt with her proud heart through times of great stress and hardship. She shares about how the Lord revealed to her that it is a privilege to give up all to know Him and be used by Him. When she suffered brutality at the hands of rebel soldiers she struggled to stop herself blaming God and feeling abandoned by Him. The Lord showed her that He was offering her the privilege of sharing in the fellowship of His sufferings. God wanted to transform her life to be a usable tool in His hands for His purposes. Was she willing to do without, to let go of ambition and pride to learn death of self, to give up self-pity, self-defence and self-sufficiency?

Helen’s struggles with her heart have deeply touched me, because as a mother it is easy to give in to self-pity at times when you have no time to yourself and tasks and chores mount up because you are exhausted. As a mother I have wrestled with a complaining spirit and a desire to have my load lifted. I had to take stock of my sinful thinking patterns when things were difficult. Why me, Lord? Why do I have to bear this burden? The sweetest moments come after confession of sin, as the Lord gently shows you His Way. When I confessed this grumbling spirit to the Lord, He showed me that He has a greater purpose for me as a mother. He has given me the most important job in the world, to train my children for His purposes and to reveal His character through the death of my selfish complaining heart.

Let’s remember God’s promise in Ezek 36:26 “A new heart I will give you, and new spirit I will put within you…” When our children see our sweet spirit before the Lord, His Spirit speaks to their hearts and His transforming power is at work in them. Child training can seem to take forever and you may not be getting the results you desire straight away, but God Almighty is at work in your ministry and He will bring to fruition what He has begun in you and your family. Praise His Name!

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