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A quieter blog

I love my blog. I like its theme, I like expressing thoughts in writing, and I like interacting with readers. Despite this, I’ve decided to cut back on blogging. My decision does not reflect a desire to put my mind on a shelf somewhere, and become one of those mythical faceless housewives without opinions or even rational thought. In an attempt to prove this, I recently attended a public lecture titled “Climate Change: Complexities, uncertainties, urgency, and equity”. Huh!? I am also going to attempt to answer some questions about democracy, which I neglected to notice all week - sorry! It is also not because I have no ideas about what to write anymore. That has never been a problem for me! I’ve made this decision for a few reasons that God has been revealing to me over recent months.

My main role in daily life is to be a helper to my husband. “Does this help my husband” is the question that helps me to sift the important from the less important. When I ask Dave what he’d like me to do, he never says “I’d love it if you’d blog about ____”. He is more likely to say “Please make another animal patch for the baby’s quilt”. He is far more excited about me learning to bottle food, and being willing to wash cloth nappies, than he is about me writing about stewardship and dominion. Don’t get me wrong. Dave loves my mind, and my writing. He loves it that I have reasons for what I believe, and that I am interested in current events. He just isn’t all that passionate about blogs.

I’ve also had a niggling feeling that perhaps I ought not to have so much to say. Those warnings in Proverbs about sin accompanying many words come to mind. There is nothing like marriage to show up how much one has to learn. Except, perhaps, the additional blessing of becoming a mother to a tiny child. Many people have told me I write well. Perhaps in twenty years my writing will be worth listening to. In the mean time, I want to spend more of my time listening to those whom history has sifted and deemed worthy. I want to soak myself in biographies and old hymns, in puritan prayers and Bible passages memorized and repeated countless times.

There are many things in life I long for almost desperately. I long for my life to count for something in eternity . . . for our children to love Jesus more than we do . . . for our home to be a place of beauty, of productivity, of joy, of prayer, of passion . . . to give, not to want . . . to have a gentle and quiet spirit . . . to be unworried about the sins and opinions of others . . . to love people I find difficult . . . to love the church . . . to respond rightly to the problems in Dave’s first country . . . even, oddly enough, to learn Zulu. I’ve come to question how much keeping up a blog, and spending 1 - 6 hours a week on it, contributes to those things. So you’ll still find me here at “A Deeper Love”, but only in the last week of every month, and maybe with fewer words to say.

Deb  – (November 22, 2008 at 12:23 AM)  

Sherrin ~ I think everyone will really miss your posts (I will!), but I'm really thankful that the title of this post was A QUIETER blog and not QUITTING the Blog! Because we sure want to find out about the precious babe when he/she arrives. :)

Sherrin  – (November 22, 2008 at 1:08 PM)  

Thank you Deb! You are sweet :). I was thinking of quitting entirely, but then I thought of all the lovely folks like you who would be so sorry not to see my baby and to hear what was going on in my life!

If I do ever quit, I promise to send you our yearly family newsletter in the post :).

Faith  – (November 24, 2008 at 6:23 AM)  

OOOO...I'll miss you but I totally understand and can relate. I've had to really cut back. I allow my self a certain set time to blog and that's is important to prioritize the things God has laid on your heart to do.
BUT...I DO hope you'll post a pic of your baby when he/she is born! Happy Holidays to you if I don't make it back here before then! God bless you in the New YEar

Sherrin  – (November 24, 2008 at 11:27 AM)  

Hello Faith,

Thanks for sharing your thoughts :).

I am planning to keep posting once a month, so I'll keep you in the loop that way!

God bless you too.

ckjolly  – (November 25, 2008 at 10:03 AM)  

I totally support your decision, Sherrin. For similar reasons, I, too, stepped back from my blog.

Not only to listen more and speak less, but I realised that there were young women right in front of my nose in Hobart that needed a listening ear and a warm hug and a bit of godly advice every now and again.

Since that day I came to that realisation, God has given me so many beautiful opportunities to grow and see other young women grow in Christ, love, and community.

My prayers are with you on this new journey of a change in priorities.

Sherrin  – (November 25, 2008 at 1:33 PM)  

Hello Christine,

Thanks for your thoughts.

I'm also wanting to spend more time in my local community, including through the community centre up the road where I may be able to form friendships with women who don't know Christ. They have a scrabooking morning and some other activities.

It is all too easy to ignore the poeple right under our noses!

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