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iSonto #52

Nate had a renewed interest in Duplo, resulting in this fun creation.

Mercy made a boat for her "friends" Morgan (the one in the red shirt with the black hair) and co.

Nate was also into the lego.

More things to be thankful for . . .

Bill slept well after dinner with cousins
I love our house!
A chance to sit and look at scrapbooks and rejoice in god's kindness.
Janelle invited us for dinner.
Nate made a love collage with duplo and it occupied him for half an hour.
Dave found a scripture about provocation to help us teach about this, Proverbs 27:3.
Nate made a frog garden on an outdoor window sill with bricks, weeds, branches and a pond.
Put away washing and finished online food shopping without interruption!
Sticking cloves in oranges occupied children for half an hour. This was one of the suggested activities for the letter "O" in their Sonlight curriculum. They can be used as scented ornaments hung from ribbons.
Mercy told us that our family is rich because we have plenty of food :). Grandma is very rich though because "she has a farm".

Faith  – (June 5, 2014 at 10:49 AM)  

Oh Sherrin, they are growing so quickly!! Life looks wonderful for you and your family....I'm so happy for you!! GOD IS GOOD!

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