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iSonto #51

There are many more things to be thankful for this week.

Another Botanical Gardens trip, this time with Dad, uncle, and cousins! There was a great leaf monster.

Silvereye finches flitting through dead corn stalks.

Nate comforting Bill.

Bill toddling in rain in outdoor suit, rain coat and gum boots.

Brown Winter Cole pears from Geeveston in a yellow fruit bowl.

Gratitude that comes whenever I did into a box of hand me downs and realise how much money and trouble they have saved us.

Nate old enough for autumn leaf rubbings.

Chance to purchase glitter and messy fun had with it creating shapes and sea scene.

Sunset clouds shining through yellow birch leaves.

Watching a flock of birds alight over Browns river.

Public parks.

Sharing the observation of new birds with the children.

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