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iSonto #53

   Mischief Billy was into sister's jewelry box. 

Elnathan was excited to create an E shape from blocks.

Bill gained an interest in puzzles and continued with his interest in climbing onto chairs and then onto the table. The latter is an interest we are aiming to redirect!

The children decided some plants needed moving . . . our winter garden belongs to them and the chooks! We are still getting some kale leaves from under the net at the back.

I love the blackboard we stuck onto our wall like contact where we are now displaying a verse to learn each week. This one is longer and is taking a couple of weeks.

Finally, here are some gratitude points I popped in as they came up over the course of the week.

Dark and stressful days remind me of the kind of mother I would be without the benefits of being a child of God. Truly all the good in us is only from Him.
Children pretending bean bags are platypus.
Ribbon bow in mercy's hair.
Mercy asking for it again the next day.
Mercy is quiet most of the time when I brush her hair now
Watching Bill focused and content playing with the same wooden block train that was Nate's first toy.
Heaping encouragement on the person who reminds me of mini-Nate, a chance to try again and experience "all things new".
Keeping the good and adding to it as we go on in parenting.
Our flights Sydney to Hobart on the way back from South Africa will cost us nothing thanks to credit card points (it pays to keep it in the positive)!
Able to photocopy pages from parenting books here at home.
Friends serving us a yummy chicken curry at their home for dinner and our children happily gobbling it up, I was grateful not to have rudeness issues with them!
Children able to undo buttons and put on shoes.
Nate able to do up buttons.
After years of effort Nate is quite reliable at sitting through church.
Going to Crossroads feels like going back to a spiritual home.
Seeing old friends.
Revive our hearts 30 day mom challenge and stress jar idea from one of the emails.
Mercy concentrating as I showed her the numbers on our alphabet blocks. Then she wanted me to spell her name Lorraine.
Extra grateful for every day of life after sudden death of child whose family we know.

Faith  – (June 12, 2014 at 6:32 AM)  

I always enjoy "seeing" your children through your blog....they are growing so big!! Love all the creative play you encourage!!

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