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iSonto #54

Mercy "taking Bill for a walk".  Mercy feels very blessed that we have a baby, even such a big one who is becoming more little boy than baby. Last week Nate said "We birthed Bill ages ago"!

Mercy and Nate have been earning dress ups when they accumulate seven clean and dry days (yes, they still need toilet training). Here they are as king and queen.

We have a great book called "The Big Book of Bible Story Art Activities". For this one we made playdough and used it to create gardens with pasta shapes. It occupied the little ones for about an hour. You can see below that Bill is a climber. At sixteen months he pushes a seat up to the bar stools and climbs onto them. I like to describe his increasing skills as "bracing" . . . for me, that is!

Nate has decided he needs a "desk". He likes to look at photos on the computer. Behind you can see the pink case we picked up for Mercy at a garage sale for our trip. We also got Nate one and they are old enough to begin anticipating our trip and running around with their cases pretending to go on an airplane.

Here are some more things to be thankful for I jotted down over the past two weeks:

Nate saying he would come home and make me vegetable soup to cheer me up!
Nate being polite at grandmas birthday party.
Bill learning to love books and sitting with me for 25 minutes listening while I read to him!
Bill loves being outdoors.
Mercy loudly singing to a praise CD, and dancing.
Nate matching letter blocks. I tried this about two years ago, and every few months since then, with no interest until now so it is lovely to have it happening now!
Nate telling me he wants to live with me forever because he loves me so much! (This is sweet because I trust he will feel differently when he grows up . . . not about the love, but about his living situation).
Dancing with Mercy to the praise CD.
Dave bringing me home flowers.
Nate building sand castles.
Nate creating lots of stencil pictures with colorix crayons.
Mercy creating a train family.
Happy children eating garden carrots and "camping".
Scent of jasmine
Mild winter day
A little girl walking up to me at kinder gym holding mercy's hand saying "I have a new friend", both looking starry eyed!
Renewed appreciation for breathing through my nose after having a cold.

Deb  – (June 26, 2014 at 11:44 AM)  

Sherrin, I love the top photo of Mercy holding Bill's hand and taking him for a walk...just so sweet and precious. And from the other pictures, it sure seems that your children can keep themselves entertained and involved in their playtimes...makes for happy children and mamas! i enjoyed your post.

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