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Preserving benefits our family!

As I prepared fruit, washed jars, sealed jars, and boiled our big preserver, I couldn't help wondering whether all this work would prove to be a blessing! Well, we are now in the middle of winter in Australia. I am pleased to say that our efforts to preserve food have been of benefit to our family. In fact, I wish we had been able to preserve more! Our stocks are running very low already, with just one jar each of apple sauce and loquats left. Natey has been known to consume nearly a whole jar of loquats in a day, and squeals with protest if anyone dares to try to eat a bottled plum without sharing it with him. I am grateful for God's provision for us through my parents' garden, for their hard work, and for the energy and time to preserve the produce. Tomorrow Dave and I are making a trip to pick up some fruit trees of our own. We have purchased two apples and a plum.

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