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Quietness of Mind and Singleness of Purpose

My mother Lorraine with her grandson Elnathan

I am blessed to have a mother who has faithfully followed Christ for many years. She is an example of godly womanhood. Those who know Mum value her steadiness, quiet spirit, deep relationship with God, constant prayer, and faithful training of her children. I asked Mum to share her advice for mothers of babies, just starting out on their journey of educating their children.  

From the time you first cuddle your baby, speak to him and nurture him, he is beginning his education as God planned it. With quietness before God and steadfastness of purpose you can bring your baby into an awareness of the fountain of life and truth, the Lord God Almighty.

Reflecting on my own experience as a mother of four children and grandmother of eight there are things which I know are vitally important.

  1. Cultivate the habit of continual quietness before the Lord. This takes decisive effort- too much to do, lack of sleep and crying babies are challenging to your walk with God. I worried too much about how to look after my babies and fretted over many things instead of taking them to the Lord. My mind was constantly churning over possibilities instead of going quietly to the Lord and asking His Spirit to convict me. This anxiety is a sin. My prayers were too hurried and my mind constantly fatigued. He loves you and He gave you this baby, therefore He will direct your path. A quiet spirit trusting in God shows your baby that life has a peace which comes from the Father.
  2. Read the Word of God aloud once a day as you feed your baby. He will come to love the Word as you do and it will nurture both of you. Include your baby in your daily family worship, so that it becomes a habit of life for him.
  3. Sing spiritual songs as you look after your baby. Worship the Lord as you go about your chores. Your baby will come to know that the Lord is your home and that all things are under His control. You are a door opener for your child to grow in all areas- physical, mental and spiritual.
  4. Decide on how you want to run your day and do not waver from the principles God gives you. You decide what is best for your baby and do not let him become demanding. From about six months onwards he must know that you decide what is best for him. Mealtimes and sleeptimes should settle into a routine which gives a rhythm to his life and helps him be more content. He has a foolish, self-centred heart and mind and must learn early to obey and accept Mum’s and Dad’s wise authority in his life.
  5. Take your baby outdoors on every fine day for a short time to experience and enjoy nature, to listen to the rustle of the leaves and the happy singing of the birds- this is God’s amazing world!
  6. Cultivate a loving relationship with your husband so that your baby will see love in action in the family.
  7. You will sin every day and sometimes you will feel down and exhausted but you can go to the Lord and confess your sin. He loves you, He understands your situation and He will forgive you. He will also help you grow and change.
  8. Look after your baby yourself and if you do need someone else occasionally to take care of him, let it be a relative who loves him and has the same vision for his life as you do. He is precious and should never be put in the care of those who do not love God and who do not have a living relationship with Him.
  9. Sometimes my selfish heart would rebel – this baby seems to consume all my time and energy, but the Lord is calling each of us to sacrifice and die to self to bring up this baby to His glory and for His Name’s sake.
  10. What a privilege you have!!

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