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The crown Jesse tree ornament

Today I started and finished the crown Jesse tree ornament. In this picture you can also see a couple of the beaded ornaments we purchased in South Africa. I love the angel in orange because it reminds me of the way African women dress!

The crown Jesse tree ornament relates to 2 Samuel 5:1-5, which speaks of David becoming king. We know that Christ fulfills God's promise that David's descendants would rule forever. Many biblical truths can come to mind when we look at this ornament. God has sent us his perfect king to rule over us forever. In our sinful nature we want to rule ourselves, but when we become Christians we choose that Christ will be Lord of our lives.

I used little beads I had left over from making other projects to represent jewels on the crown. I'm enjoying working with the soft felt, and it also seems like a child friendly fabric!

I hope that this ornament will give rise to some good teaching opportunities and discussions with Elnathan in years to come.

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