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Haystacks for dinner

Yesterday we enjoyed haystacks for dinner. This is a simple meal of corn chips topped with a bean and tomato mix plus cheese, sour cream, and whatever fresh or canned veggies you want! I'm always looking for meals that can use a variety of garden produce, and this is one. Yesterday we enjoyed fresh lettuce, rocket, and grated carrot from our garden. Elnathan ate some homegrown turnip (frozen prior), plus some pumpkin and avacado. I love meals like haystacks for Sundays as they don't take long to prepare. Sunday is my official rest day, so I don't like to spend it doing lots of cooking.

Another reasonably quick meal we've discovered recently is homemade whole wheat tortillas. These are much cheaper than the store bought variety, and taste yummy! Like haystacks, you can use lots of garden vegetables on them. I think these may well become a summer staple at our home. It is also great to use beans on tortillas and haystacks as they are a frugal and earth friendly option. We're blessed that we happen to love beans!

Here are a few extra photos of our boy . . .

Natey loves to sit by himself, but occasionally falls over so we still put a cushion behind him.


He pushes himself right up with his arms when we put him onto his tummy, but doesn't roll yet.

Faith  – (December 23, 2009 at 5:36 AM)  

He is so precious, Sherrin!!
Now, could you please explain to this USA blogger just what is a rocket? (in regards to what you ate)...and I never heard of Haystacks but wow...that is such a terrific menu children love that type of thing....I might steal your idea for my Sabbath day which tends to be Saturdays around here as my Sundays are so full of church service and other duties relating to ministry. Thanks for sharing and have a blessed Christmas.

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