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Pregnancy Mishaps

In the tradition of the homemaking mishaps, I present:

The problem of the soiled tummy . . .

It never occured to me prior to pregancy, but that jutting tummy can pose a dirt problem. Everything that falls out of your mouth, or out of your hand while you're trying to get it into your mouth, lands on your tummy. Just to let you know.

Possible solutions:

  • Wearing an apron at all times, especially while eating. Mum suggested a set of black ones from Big W.

Any other ideas?

The memory issue . . .

There was the occasion where a guest asked me two simple questions and I couldn't answer either of them. They were "how many weeks pregnant are you", and "how old are you". Being unable to reply to such questions could be considered humiliating.

Possible solutions:

  • Taping a piece of paper to oneself with all vital details, or carrying a small card ready for occasions when you're asked such questions.
Any other ideas?
The attitude problem . . .

Perhaps the most serious of my mishaps when it comes to pregnancy is the fact that I let my attitude slip in relation to people's litany of comments about my tummy. This is more of a sin or folly than a mishap, and I really need to learn to laugh about the silly things people say. I was reminded of this two days ago, when in two separate stores I got two totally different reactions to my tummy.

Store 1: Mr. Appliance Spares, who was not previously known to me, said that I "looked like I'd dropped" and "wow, I'd really popped out".

Store 2: Mr. Picture Framer asked me if I had moved out of home. This puzzled me a little as I was obviously pregnant and wearing a wedding ring. Things were made a little clearer when, as I was leaving, I mentioned that I wanted to get my pictures done before the baby comes. He replied that he hadn't noticed I was pregnant.

susanne24  – (February 1, 2009 at 3:36 AM)  

Yes. All of my maternity shirts are stained. *sigh* I did start tucking a towel in my shirt to act like a bib near the end of my second one.

I don't understand why pregnant women get irritated about belly comments. I never did. I'm pregnant. There's *supposed* to be something sticking out. I guess I always approach the popping out very practically. :-)

Sherrin  – (February 2, 2009 at 1:11 PM)  

Hello Zan,

I think I might follow your lead!

I'm glad you weren't irritated by belly comments - I've found it really weird to have so many people commenting on my body (which, thankfully, they're not prone to do usually) but I'm getting over it.

Naomi Rayner  – (February 6, 2009 at 11:25 AM)  

Hi Sherrin!

It's Naomi Rayner here! I've enjoyed reading your blogs so far. :)

I can guarantee you that you are not isolated in the soiled tummy department! Your tummy becomes quite a "catchment area" as I have affectionately named it. The strangest part is when you go out to your brother's wedding reception and you're not quite sure whether to place the napkin under your belly on your lap (or lack-of-lap in my case), on your belly and run the risk of looking quite silly, or not bother at all. I ended up going for the first option, which just so you know, didn't work at all! :)

The memory issue! I had to laugh at your possible solution because I got so sick of people asking me about my pregnancy, that i thought it'd be easier to make up a t-shirt with statements such as:
"I am due in February"
"Yes, I do know what I'm having"
"No, it's a secret"
"Yes, I am excited"

The problem I have with people and my pregnancy is that I walk through town and get filthy looks from older women (50s and over) when they see me fat and pushing another child around. They forget to notice the wedding ring for some reason. I know it is hard to keep a right attitude, which is why I try to surrond myself with the wonderful people in my church who love me and tell me how great I look!

Anyway, there's just a few of my thoughts!

Bless you!

Sherrin  – (February 6, 2009 at 1:34 PM)  

Hello Naomi,

It was fun to read your experiences! I can imagine that the napkin on lap trial would not have worked!

I'm sorry you've been getting dirty looks though. It makes me think of all the judgement there is out there and how hard that must make it for young women to go ahead with pregnancies. Sigh. I'm glad you have such a good church family.

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