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Mummy Shower

Do any of you read Above Rubies? My Mum has received it for many years and the inspiring articles and teaching have impacted my life in many ways. It is the kind of magazine that makes you believe that it is possible to create a God honouring home and family life, and turns you toward relationship with God as the source of hope and help in life's difficulties. Even people I know who don't agree with a word of the magazine's perspective on birth control (which could be briefly described as God family planning) read and enjoy it.

One article described the idea of giving baby showers to Mums who were having their 3rd, 4th, 5th . . . or 10th child! The idea was that we should have special God honouring rituals that celebrate life and encourage Mums. We shouldn't stop celebrating with number one or two! So when friend of mine became pregnant with her 4th child, I asked if she'd like a "Mummy Shower". She already had everything necessary for baby, so the idea was that guests would bring something to bless her. Here I am with our lovely sunflowers before the Mummy Shower . . .

We gave the Mum-of-honour a foot bath and painted her nails.

I also made a book of pretty pictures and inspiring quotes. In the invitations guests were invited to contribute a word of encouragement to this book. At the Mummy Shower we also had a prayer time . . . and of course there was food to eat and punch to drink. Have any of you ever done anything similar? If so, do you have ideas for other activities?

Deb  – (January 31, 2009 at 2:27 AM)  

Sherrin ~ you look radiant in this picture! And your sunflowers are absolutely gorgeous!

I think I grew up with the mentality of "why give a shower to a mom-to-be when it's not her first child?" After many years of marriage I can now see that it is indeed an honor and blessing to have many children. Each one is special to the Lord and should be welcomed as such.

I think your ideas to make your friend feel special were great! I'm sure she appreciated all that was done for her.

Faith  – (February 1, 2009 at 12:23 AM)  

What an absolutely beautiful idea!
My 10 year old, Claire, loves your sunflowers!! we grew them together (she did most of the work) last summer and now that winter is half over, she is talking about doing it again. What a great idea this is! thanks for sharing

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