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A Happy Christmas Day

Here are the happy Christmas girls . . .

Here is my Daddy. He's an avid gardener, and it was hard for him to tear himself away from the book I bought him on hippyastrums - even to come to lunch.

We had a relaxing afternoon chatting, eating, chatting, and eating more. Esther got lots of exercise though . . . and Daddy joined in some of the time.

It was fun standing in the sun with the cold wind blowing, watching Esther race around laughing. We had a cold change the day before Christmas. Apparently some snow was even falling on the mountain on the 24th.

I made biscuit angels to put on the tree, since it looked somewhat bare. It is fun having decorations that people ask if they can eat :). Esther looked deeply confused and protested when I began stringing them on the tree though.

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