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iSonto #67

Here are a few pictures of things we have done during April. 

Nate spontaneously began to make letters out of leaves!

We made salt dough creations. Mercy is painting a dinosaur and Nate a mound that we used at Easter to represent Jesus death and resurrection. The mound has a hole in the side of it for the tomb and place for a cross to stand up at the top. We use a little pipe cleaner person to represent Jesus' death and resurrection. The pipe cleaner person remains in the grave from Friday to Sunday but on Sunday morning the grave is empty!

We enjoyed cousin time during the school holidays. One activity we did was alligators with a special paint technique using bubble wrap to make spots. Meanwhile Bill covered himself with paint!!

He gave himself a green eye :).

One day I was happy to discover that Nate had made a 0 -5 block creation. He had found the correct numbers and lined up block creations to demonstrate the numbers. This is what I imagined him doing with the blocks when I bough them a couple of years ago!

Some thankful thoughts I jotted into my ipod this week:

Praying in rain misted car
Seeing sunrise
Warm bed
Promises of God
Knowing my Heavenly Father
Warm shower 
Family Autumn ramble to anticipate! 
Flexibility to do this.
Courteous driver let me in
More courteous drivers!
Glorious sight of a platypus amongst the autumn leaves in the water
Joyful sight of an old neighbor we hadn't seen for years
Reliable car
Tissues and napkins
Perfect opportunity to collect leaves and make notes on their names 
Nate helped up into nooks of Monterey Cypress by Dave
Dave climbing up himself
Clean toilets out and about
Nate wanting to stay at Salmon Ponds as he loves it too much to leave!

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