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iSonto #68

 Way back in late April we went on a wonderful autumn ramble to the Salmon Ponds! Here are the pictures. We had a rare take away lunch of pies from "The Cheeky Little Place" in New Norfolk which has lovely quality food.

A huge highlight of our visit to the Salmon Ponds was the appearance of a platypus who delighted in swimming up and down by the side of one of the ponds. Incredible! My best ever platypus sighting and we stood and looked at him/her for a long time.

This was the day before negotiations finished on Dave's job offer at the University of Stellenbosch. This was a challenging time for us with lots of decisions to make, so it was a great time to take a few hours off and get some perspective.

 Dave emded up getting an appropriate offer so we are now off to Stellenbosch in South Africa next week, only nine weeks after accepting the offer! Its been a super quick move to organise. This will be my last iSonto from our little house in Southern Tasmania. Our removals occur this week and then we fly out the following week. Interspersed with the following photos are thanksgivings I've jotted down over the past month and more. We have heaps to praise God for as we've already overcome so many hurdles, including visas, air flights, removals date, the sale of our car, and home maintenace.

Pausing longer to look at insects due to my fascinated company!
Lying in sun on our bed
Autumn sunny house bliss
Mercy curled up listening to Curious George on headphones
Perfect way to remember our Kingston home
Weeding sunny garden beds
Raised garden beds
Ability to read
Picking fresh lettuce
Nate compliance with school work today
60 percent of our family have South African citizenship therefore no immigration issues for them!
Dave vacuums for me
Walking the beach at sunrise
A beach driving distance of where we are moving
Relaxing "date" evening with Dave and no interruptions

Mercy and Nate making their own friends
Able to read a long story without sore throat
Old silicon removed from bath tub
Time to do this
Driving amongst autumn colour in sandy bay
Shopping in quiet on my own
Children behaved while I got moving quotes plus helped someone catch our chickens
Happy new home for chickens

Nate adjusting well to gym
Good physio session despite being in lots of pain beforehand
Watching sunrise
Have medical certificates
Money for Canberra flight
iPod to listen to Anne of the island
Gym sooooo much easier than last year!
Mercy playing confidently a whole gym distance away

Moments to calm down
Waves crashing on shore
Positive party for Nate
Managed to shop, prepare cake, wrap pass the parcel, make pin tail on dog game, tidy house 
Dave helped prepare food
Cherished last cousin party before we go
Mercy said children aren't trouble they are a joy they give cuddles and they play, when told robbers didn't want children as they thought they would be trouble!

Greek salad to see me through paper work
Warm restaurant to work in
Slept all night 9/05
Home made muesli
Friends and family  to celebrate with and who carefully select gifts
Nate delighted with remote control car
Broom to clean floor!

Dave cooked beautiful curry dinner 
New perfectly working lock on front door
Warm car to drive in
Early morning cuddles in front of heat pump. 
Mercy recounting our faith stories: You cried out to God for a husband and children and he gave them, I will pray for children when I am a lady
Mild day for party
Hot bath

Children played happily outside for hours!
Sunshine on washing
Nate learning addition from iPod game
Made lunch peacefully
Did washing peacefully
Played balloon ball with both m and e
Seeing war memorial from taxi at least!
Packed my own delicious lunch
Cloakrooms for back pack
Being on parliament roof and seeing Canberra layout
Privilege of exploring old and new Parliament House 
Looking at books, shops and exhibits in my own time!
Wandering to my own pace!
Found Perfect picture books for children as we move
Stack of certified documents and finance documents for visa applications equals incredible privilege
Able to share nibbles for after church
Dave made hommus
Children played well with others after church

Lisa  – (June 18, 2015 at 2:27 PM)  

Congrats on the new adventure/job change/move. It is beautiful to see a list of all the details of life for which we can be thankful to God! Blessings on you and your family as you move!!

Deb  – (June 21, 2015 at 12:22 PM)  

Sherrin, I really enjoyed your list of blessings. And I wish you the very best as you move to South Africa! A new experience! I know you will miss your beautiful Tasmania, but I'm sure you will make a wonderful home for your family. I hope you'll find time to still blog if possible.

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