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iSonto #22

This week we are thankful for . . .

  • Harvesting baby beets and carrots
  • Bright colours of marigolds in the evening light
  • A few great nights of sleep
  • An evening to do some sewing
  • A date 
  • Laughter
Mercy was incredibly cute and made us laugh lots playing peek-a-boo behind curtains and chairs.


Bye bye Mum!

Lets do it again!

Some of her outfits are especially cute for toddling, such as the one above. 

Elnathan was delighted with the cooking set and tea set we purchased for the children with some money given by his great aunt. They are perfect for making a mess while practicing pouring!

We have started a regular colouring time after morning tea, which will hopefully in time allow me to do some household admin while the children are colouring. In the background you can see Mercy going off with her own paper and crayon.

From garden to tummies
. . .

Right now Dave is making basil pesto using our fresh basil and garlic.

A book we enjoyed together was Cinderella. This was Nate's request before most of his naps this week. 

Encouragement, ideas and inspiration came from Maybe This Year, a blog post that reminded me to "ask God to dissolve all our hopes (however good they may be!) into a single hope: to know Christ and to be found in Him."

One funny moment was when Mum told me that Elnathan informed her that Grandad and Uncle Aidan were married.

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Faith  – (January 22, 2012 at 1:34 AM)  

I just love those type of dresses for little girls! Enjoy every moment of their play!! How wonderful that basil pesto sounds...Mmmmm......enjoy another week of blessings, Sherrin!

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