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iSonto #21

Mercy loved watching the chooks this week.

This created some excellent photo opportunities for her great aunts when they were here yesterday! Here is the twosome posing for their aunties.

This week we are thankful for . . .

* The arrival of Sherrin's two brothers from Canada and Queensland respectively.

* Three aunts and a cousin also joining us from mainland Australia. 

* Sherrin's parents wedding 40th wedding anniversary, which is the occcasion of them joining us to celebrate.

* The Occupational Therapy home visit Sherrin had that gave us good ideas about how to improve our home to make it more back pain friendly!

* The children can do  more together all of a sudden. With Mercy walking, Nate going to the potty, and being able to even put them at a little table together to do puzzles with me for a while, I am beginning to see a new stage of parenting emerge.

Here they are at the piano.

Mercy has even been watching a little Playschool with Elnathan.

Elnathan was developing his imagination. One day he was a dog, the next a bee. The rest of the family similarly morphed. It seems to provide a way to work through things that happen. For example, "The boy bee pushed over the car, that wasn't good, the Mummy bee was shocked because the boy bee pushed the baby bee and hurt her". Here he is in his "tent".

Natey's memory verse was  Matthew 22: 27 - 28, Jesus said to him "You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind. This is the first and great commandment".

From garden to tummies . . .  

We had lots of basil and oregano on our pizza.

A book we enjoyed together was The Cobra in the Barn: Great Stories of Automotive Archaeology by Tom Cotter. Dave borrowed it from the library and Nate has been "reading" it several times a day. "I'll just finish reading my book about cars" has been a frequent response to my statement that we would be going outside or doing something else!

One funny moment was when Nate was told his Aunty Jen skied in Canada. He immediately said "Aunty Jen went in a rocket to the moon, didn't you". Hmm. . .  it seems "Charlie Bear", a character on a show he watches on iview, both skies and pretended to go to the moon.

Faith  – (January 16, 2012 at 11:56 PM)  

Oh Sherrin they are growing up so fast! I LOVE the toddler/preschool I miss that time period! It is wonderful that you provide many opportunities for them to play together. My oldest gal played so well with her younger sis too..they are 5 years apart (i guess that's what the Lord wanted for us as i tried and tried...i wanted them a bit closer!) and their relationship today at ages 18 and 13 is just precious. The young teen really looks up to her older sis. It is a blessing when our children get along and can be role models for one another. Have a blessed week and happy anniversary to your folks!!

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