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Thursday's Learning Spotlight: Imprisoned in Iran by Dan Baumann

There are many educational resources and ideas that I would love to share. They whirl through my head but I rarely sit down and write about them. So I've decided that each Thursday (time permitting) I will briefly "spotlight" one resource or idea that may benefit others.

This week I am reading "Imprisoned In Iran: Love's Victory over Fear" by Dan Baumann (my Christmas gift from Dave). Dan Baumann was imprisoned in solitary confinement for nine weeks on false charges. Dan's account exposes his weakness and fear, and God's faithfulness and power.

Reading "Imprisoned in Iran" has felt like an encounter with God! I have been filled with awe at God's awesome love, what he is willing to do to save people, and the way he sets us free. I have prayed afresh that God will set us on fire for Him and cause us to trust Him with everything. I have been reminded of the suffering believers face in Muslim countries, and the desperate need to pray for the growth of the church in those places.

This book will definitely be kept on our shelf, in the hope of reading it to our children one day or including it as part of our studies. The book would not only be a wonderful way to teach children about who God is, it would also provide a useful point of discussion about geography, mission, people groups and culture. This is the fourth book in the International Adventures series that I have had the pleasure of reading. Every one of them has been a gripping account of God's work across the world.

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