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It has been fun to begin our Advent celebrations. We have taken out our decorations and started our Jesse tree devotions. I have printed out all the Bible passages for these, after compiling them in full in a word document. This makes it easier for our family to do them, as we don't have to look up each passage in a different part of the Bible each evening. If anyone would like this document for the purposes of your own devotions, please email me (

Elnathan was mainly interested in removing decorations from the tree, rather than putting them onto it.

The tree is now safely on our dining table. We love to decorate it with stars and angels, and some meaningful ornaments such as a handpainted wedding momento given to us by the hostess at the bed and breakfast where we spent our wedding night. We look forward to adding Jesse tree decorations as well, which will remind us of what God has done for us through many Biblical events.

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