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3 years of marriage

What a huge amount we have to praise God for as we pass the three year mark in our marriage! This year was the first time we've celebrated our anniversary in Australia, as we were in South Africa for the prior two.

We left Elnathan with his grandparents and spent a night alone at "Poppies" cottage on Bruny Island, about an hour from our home. What a luxury it was to spend nearly all afternoon, hours and hours uninterrupted, reading books in front of a crackling fire!

The next day we went on cruise together around the island. The word "cruise" makes me think of a calm trip with drinks and snacks. Well, this one was quite different as we mounted large waves in the ocean and crashed back down again. This was not a cruise for those afraid of early labour. Thankfully I was 100% fine . . . Dave was the one who suffered from a queasy tummy! We had some amazing views of God's creation.

We picked Elnathan up that afternoon and he came with us for two more nights. As part of our "family celebration" we gave gifts that could benefit our family including games (checkers, chess, Uno), Playschool DVDs (we don't have TV), and a toy drum.

The idea of having a family celebration around the time of our wedding anniversary comes from the friends who introduced us four years ago. We love this idea and hope to continue it in coming years. 

 Our cottage was a short walk from the beach and we loved our walks there, despite the cold.

Much of the pleasure was in seeing the antics of our fifteen month old, who loves to walk and climb and communicate about the things he is seeing.

It is wonderful how interesting nature is to a tiny child. God created the perfect classroom.

Deb  – (August 26, 2010 at 12:49 AM)  

Sherrin ~ happy, happy 3rd anniversary!! It certainly looks like a very nice celebration at the cottage and on the water. We just returned home last night from Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia celebrating our 30th! We enjoyed a wonderful time together; the water wasn't as rocky as yours sounds though or I may have been a bit queasy, too!

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