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Winner of the tomato growing competition!

On Sunday last week Dave's work colleagues put on a pizza making afternoon to celebrate the end of their workplace tomato growing competition. I'm pleased to report that the overall winner is David Michael Drew! This does not mean that we had masses of tomatoes, just that we ended up coming out on top after points were tallied for several different aspects of tomato growing. Organisers chose three varieties of tomatoes that each participant had to grow. This year these were yellow pear, grosse lisse and amish paste. It was a fun afternoon with lots of delicious food. We made our own pizza toppings and they were fired in an outdoor pizza oven. Dave and I also participated last year, and it was funny to realise that I was also pregnant at last year's pizza gathering! That is what happens when you become pregnant before your baby turns one! It was fun to tell people whom I hadn't seen for a year that I was pregnant this time as well! Dave's workplace is diverse in terms of the people's backgrounds and cultures, so it is always interesting to attend these social events and chat with people.

Felicity –   – (April 19, 2010 at 9:29 AM)  

Congratulations on Winning :-) I can atest to the yellow pear tomatoes being yummy.
Entering competitions with workmates is a fun way to get to know them on a different level. I hope you can continue to build on those workplace relationships.

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