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When Dave and I arrived in South Africa, we stayed our first three nights in Stellenbosch. This picturesque town is the place where Dave received a scholarship to come and study his undergraduate degree in Forestry. Dave's time there had a big impact on his life. He has often spoken of various incidents, and now I could see the places where they happened!

This is the seminary where the theology of apartheid was engineered.

There were many lovely old buildings to look at. We stayed in one of them - the oldest hotel in South Africa!

Dave took me to see the places where he studied and lived, as well as this cafeteria. Some girls once stole his slippers from his room and hung them from the balcony at lunch time!

There are many beautiful mountains around Stellenbosch. The town is about 70km from Cape Town.

There is so much about our time in Stellenbosch that pictures don't show . . .

Martin, who approached us on the street and asked if he could wash our car windows. He had HIV, and needed to get to a doctor's appointment.

The mould in our pot at one self-catering hotel, and the lack of any cutting implements!

Noel, a Zimbabwean refugee selling beautiful beaded baskets. He wanted to go back home, and he wanted peace.

The little craft shop up an alley.

The stream that runs through the village.

The atmosphere at night in restaurants beside open fires.

The delightful bookshop where I could have spent hours!

The ladies who span silk outside the silk shop, talking all the while . . . and so much more.

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