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Cape Town

It was a privilege to visit Cape Town. Our time in the Cape provinces was really an indulgence - a bit like a "second honeymoon" as we did not have any family or necessary business there. We did have a few friends to catch up with, but apart from that it was just us!

We arrived from Singapore early in the morning, and climbed Table Mountain that day. We also visited this lovely beach, near to where Dave's parents and grandparents once lived. Dave pointed out landmarks from Table Mountain and as we drove.

We stayed in Stellenbosch and made a day trip into Cape Town. We visited the castle in Cape Town. This was fun! Here is Dave on the roof.

Kirstenbosch gardens was also a hit with us. Beautiful! It is the only Botanical Gardens that is a world heritage site.

The Rhodes Memorial was nearby, but it is a little neglected looking. Maybe fewer people feel proud of Rhodes these days?

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