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Our trip: Day 6

On May 20th we went to Taronga Zoo in Sydney. I'd been looking forward to showing Dave one of my favourite places!

The trip over to the zoo on the ferry is beautiful, with lovely views of the harbour and Opera House.

We watched an amazing bird show, which involved a number of large birds swooping over our heads! Dave posed as a bird . . .

I posed as some type of rat with large ears . . .

As always, I was enthralled at the meerkat enclosure. I found out from the Lonely Planet guide to South Africa that there is a whole attraction/conservation centre devoted to meerkats there . . . hmmm, sounds like a must-see if we're in that area. Meerkats are the best!

I was far less thrilled with part of the orangutan display, which would lead visitors to believe that they are made in the image-of-an-orangutan rather than in the image of God.

As if all day at the zoo observing everything from lionesses to seals wasn't enough, we also went out that night!

Here we are in Sydney on our way to the Phantom of the Opera.

We went to the opera with the couple we stayed with, Phil and Brenda. It was an enthralling show. I was scared when that chandelier started coming towards us, and thought the themes were very dark, but appreciated the amazing set and performances.

Faith  – (June 7, 2008 at 3:15 AM)  

I have always wanted to see the Sydney Opera House. My MIL has a 3-D puzzle of it!
My girls LOVED the meerkat display at the Pittsburgh (PA) Zoo we were at last spring(2007 vacation).

And this year's Senior High Teen Banquet theme (church) is Phantom of the Opera.
I haven't seen it yet although it has come to the city near us many times.
Enjoy your weekend!

Blue Sarah  – (June 7, 2008 at 1:48 PM)  

He he, you really make those ears come alive. Looks like fun times.

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