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A deeper love

In the midst of returning from the honeymoon and getting organised in a new home, there has not been much time for blogging. The wedding day was the happiest of my life so far, the honeymoon was blissful, and it is very exciting to be a homemaker in our new home.

However, I have been able to do some work on blogging and am now pleased to share my new blog address and title: "A deeper love".

On my blog you can find a welcome message that details my goals for the new blog. Please read this carefully and keep me accountable to making my blog live up to it.

I don't have any pictures of the wedding yet, but you can see pictures of me in a newspaper wedding dress in the post about my kitchen tea.

You can also read about how Christina and I are considering the idea of widely advocating Blissful Ignorance.

Soon to come . . .

  • carefully thought out topics and categories, designed to encourage and equip
  • honeymoon pictures
  • thoughts on the family dinner table
  • a Christian response to disability
  • links to women worth listening to
Please read the welcome message, and see if "A deeper love" is a blog you want to support. If you like what you see, can I ask you a couple of favours? Firstly, please support "A deeper love" through praying that it truly will help readers to love God and other people more. Secondly, tell your friends about it via your blog or email. If you do pray or tell others, please email me at my new address: and let me know. I will add you to a sidebar list of "supporters".

I am thankful for my time blogging at Small Things, excited about my new blog, and hoping that it will be more focused and effective than this blog. Thanks for coming with me on the journey!

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