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iSonto #63

 This week we had some pyjama schooling! Dave is in charge of science experiments and they are done as "family play" after dinner. This week we were learning about hot air rising.

It was delightful to see this experiment. The children cut out snakes from a spiral drawn in a circle. When the "snake" was hung from a thread and placed over warm air rising from the heater, it would twirl. This experiment is part of our Sonlight Science A curricula. I was initially concerned about adding science to our list of subjects so early, but it is turning out really well. Nate has a great interest in sientific subjects, perhaps inherited form his Daddy. Mercy is enjoying the experiments as well.

Bill is looking more and more like a little boy instead of a baby! He loves to say cheese to the camera. We are having "tot school" as part of our school day where we do puzzles or other activities appropriate for Bill. He has also begun to enjoy playdough and painting. His favourite thing at the moment is to tackle his siblings to the ground and climb on them.

Bill is enjoying longer stories now, so all there can enjoy listening together.

We also have a lot of new stories for the older two that are part of their Sonlight Core A. I am reading a lot of them after dinner now, instead of in our morning "school" time, because Elnathan is in Prep now and needs to be doing more reading, writing and maths in the mornings. This is a big change for us and we are still getting used to it.

More things to be thankful about . . .
  • A new pastor at church
  • Dave whipping up beautiful food in the kitchen and loving to do so! 
  • Time out at a cafe on Saturday morning looking at ideas on Pinterest! 
  • Mum making amazing seasonal paintings with the children, just what I wanted them to do.
  • Making playdough wells and remembering the story of Isaac and the wells. 
  • Sonlight instructor's guides which offer good questions and vocabulary explanations for the books we are reading together. 
  • Nate's question: at what time did the knights wear slavery? which made us laugh
  • A string of sunny days

Faith  – (February 16, 2015 at 4:28 AM)  

Oh I love when you post about your family life! I was actually thinking of you and wondering how your summer is going "over there" as here in New York State (and Boston, MA where my oldest girl goes to a Christian college (Gordon College)) we are having a horrible winter....we now have 16 inches of snow on the ground (3 storms, 3 weeks in a row) and temps of -9 degrees F. My daughter in Boston has about 75 inches of snow on the ground and more is falling as I type this and the winds on the coast there are at 70 mph. We are longing for Spring weather!! Your children are growing up and how fun to do hands on science experiements!! one of my favorite things as a mom when the girls were little was to have them sit with me and read books. How I miss that!! Enjoy your week and God bless you all!

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